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You are a planespotter and looking for civilian special coloured aircraft, but you never know if there is a special one coming to your "home airport"?

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You are on a spotter trip and are unsure if you should leave now or is there something special approaching? So this website could help you. It has 400+ special coloured aircraft in its database and shows on which routing the aircraft is flying at the moment. If you feel there is an aircraft missing in the database, click here and enter the missing registration, also when there is one in the database that should no longer be included. For a specific destination, just enter the IATA code in the input field and click the search button. I'd like to thank all that people that helped me with this site, especially

  • Rico
    from www.flugzeugforum.de
  • Plomi
    Spotterbuddy from Nuremberg
  • and all the others that are constantly providing information. Without all their help this site wouldn't be possible.